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Karen Insley is a Nutritionist, who takes the "holistic" approach with her clients; addressing the "whole body" and assists her clients in creating, adopting and developing sustainable and long-term lifestyle habits.  


She is an award winning professional, published writer, frequent speaker at conferences and, alongside her husband Richard Insley, Karen is an independent contract PRO TRAINER with canfitpro, teaching the

Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach certification to budding nutrition students.


Although Karen has helped many clinically diagnose obese clients to lose in excess of 100lbs, she is an advocate that weight loss is simply a by product of good health and that "you cannot lose weight to get healthy but you have to get healthy to lose the weight"  so let Karen show you how to get healthy, and there is a very high probability that you will lose weight in the process.




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Karen will help you to LOVE food again; you will enjoy taking control of your own health and learn to get excited at preparing healthy and nutritious meals.  


Working with us at RPE Fitness Inc. will compliment any healthcare provider.  We are not doctors, dietitians or scientists, but we do work with all three of them.  

And, we will provide "you" with the "best" health and dietary solutions; fully customized to "you".


From Karen

I am so excited that you decided to stop by my page.  Our Holistic Nutrition protocols will help you to get into the best shape of your life and have you feeling like a million bucks. I feel blessed to be doing what I LOVE and that is helping clients and friends to reach their optimal health, optimal weight and optimal fitness levels.


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Health & Nutrition Coaching

Working world wide with clients one-on-one; via telephone consultations; and Skype coaching sessions. Known as the go to people with regard to nutrition, health and weight loss, Karen and her husband Richard help clients to develop and sustain workable and long-term lifestyle changes.  Experts in addressing stress, fatigue, better sleep patterns and attaining more energy.



Conference Presenter & Public Speaker

Working with small and large corporations; health organizations; training facilities and individuals.  Presenting on various topics including health, nutrition and weight loss; and we specialize in the topics

"Nutrition for the Shiftworker" and "Stress & It's Physiological Effects"



PRO TRAINER with canfitpro

As a certified "Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach" (HWL) with canfitpro, they approached myself and my husband, asking us to become the dedicated Manitoba HWL PRO TRAINERS; working with eager nutrition students where we train them in the classroom on how to become Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coaches and how to start their business in the nutrition industry.

All registrations are done via the www.canfitpro.com website but do ask us for more details and contact Richard at richard@rpefitnessinc.com with any preliminary questions; telling him you got his details here!







Karen knows how you feel .................................


Karen struggled with her weight as a child and into her early adulthood, attempting many solutions to achieve her ideal weight; getting more and more frustrated when nothing seemed to work. Then she realized that being overweight was simply the "symptom" of an underlying metabolic imbalance, and that she had to address the "cause" of why her body resisted the weight loss, and not focus on the "symptom".


Becoming her own health advocate; drawing from her University Diploma; and through continued research and studies, Karen was able to reach her optimal level of health and weight and takes the same approach with her clients; addressing the cause instead of the symptom and looking at everyone as an individual.


Everything changed......................................


Karen and her husband Richard were involved in a critical motrobike accident in Scotland in June 1998 and Karen sustained a fractured skull that left her deaf in her left ear; but as her brain hit the front of her skull so hard, the blow damaged her olfactory bulb and left Karen with no sense of taste or smell; top Neurosurgeon told her she would never regain either sense; but as she developed and changed her own dietary and nutrition protocols, Karen has since regained many taste and smell senses; which only began to correct as she made the changes to her nutrition choices; and although not all of the senses have returned "yet" she is excited, in a good way, to have prooven the experts wrong!


When you are empowered and inspired to educate yourself, and see what is truly achievable, your desire to help others is just a natural step forward..........................