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7 Day Shred
4 Phase Weight Loss Program
With A Comprehensive 101 Page E-Book

Grocery Lists
Meal Planning Guides
Workouts To Accompany Each Phase
Recipes And Food Pyramid
How To Calculate Your Calories For Fat Loss
Family Planner And Tracker
Health Coaching
Health Coaching is using evidence-based skillful conversation, clinical interventions and wellness strategies to actively and safely engage clients and patients in making health behavior changes to address emotional and physical health conditions.

As an award winning, nutrition and mental health expert, I restore your QUALITY OF LIFE by removing the emotional and physical discomfort that excess weight and disease is causing you and my program helps those who suffer with.

IBS, Migraine, Fatigue, Sleep Disorders, Hypoglycemia.
Clinical Obesity, Cancer, Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease, Osteo Arthritis, Lymphoma, Colitis, Crohns, Celiac

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