Whole Body Reboot





There is a lot of confusion out there and conflicting evidence on which diet is best.
You probably feel confused and don’t know which way to turn.

When it comes to nutrition and diet, we educate clients on the fact that it is not about strict meal plans or deprivation, but that it is about finding a diet that includes the widest possible range of foods to help you to reach your weight, health and fitness goals.

You like the idea of a specific way of eating, whether it be Paleo, Keto, Low Carb, Vegetarian etc., but, from a cellular and physiological aspect, it might not be what your body needs, and it could even decrease your level of health instead of improving it.


And as our intro page said, diets do not fail due to lack of information, but they fail due to lack of support and having credible information is necessary but without the necessary coaching and support tools, you may as well buy a book and struggle your way through and there is a likelihood of you getting frustrated, angry and not reaching those health and weight loss goals that you have been striving to reach for so long.


The KETO diet has a wealth of health benefits, and the fact that people see some impressive weight loss as a result of following it is simply an awesome by-product of following the protocol.  But it can be challenging :

  • Knowing where to start?
  • Learning how to get started.
  • Are you following the diet and struggling?
  • Have you reached a plateau?
  • Are you lacking the emotional support that you need to keep going?
  • Are you experiencing negative thoughts and do you have limiting beliefs that you can continue?
  • Do you get stressed when you go off track or worry about social events or an upcoming holiday and that you will undo all of your hard work if you relax your diet temporarily?
    • This last comment is the one I coach my clients on the most and how our course differs is that we help you to understand your body from an emotional and physiological perspective and provide educational tools that you can use in every situation.
          • How to transition into the keto diet.
          • How to maintain your new level of health and weight.
          • How to understand your blood markers and use nutrition and fitness protocols to keep them at a healthy level.
          • Why it can be beneficial to come out of ketosis occasionally.
          • Why the keto diet might not work for you (yes there is a genetic possibility why this could happen).


This 4 week online course will provide you with all of the necessary nutritional, physical and emotional tools to get you to your optimal level of health and to your ideal weight, and so if at the end of the day life gets in the way and you go off track "temporarily" then simply open up your toolbox and re-use the tools that you already have and are familiar with.



Our Whole Body Reboot will help us to uncover exactly what formula will give you optimal health and allow you to reach your goal weight.

Health begins in the gut and if you don't have a healthy gut microbiome, our hormones are thrown off track and your body spends more time trying to restore homeostasis that weight loss is the last thing on your body's' agenda and your progress stalls or often does not even start.

We guide and support you through the 3 step process by using FODMAP to get the gut healthy, using Paleo to help you transition to a more whole foods approach to health and weight loss, and then develop strategies using the Keto diet to fine-tune your progress so that you reach your health and weight loss goals.


  • Do you feel like you have been trying to lose weight your entire life?
  • Feel like you have a job as a professional dieter?
  • Is your eating and drinking out of control?
  • Feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • Can’t sleep properly, have no energy and just feel tired all of the time?
  • Are not motivated and too tired to cook healthy meals?
  • Don’t know what is healthy anymore because there is so much conflicting information out there?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety and mood swings?
  • Are you on the menopause roller coaster and can’t get off?
  • Is your doctor currently prescribing medications for a health condition and you feel it is impeding your weight loss?
  • Have you made changes already but feel like nothing is working?
  • Maybe you are simply confused and really don’t know where to start?


Our Whole Body Reboot will help you to finally take control of your food choices and stop the food controlling you.
We can do meal plans but we prefer not to.
So now you are thinking well if you are a nutritionist, then what do you do?
Well, over the years I have seen how strict meal plans can develop into a bad mindset because clients feel deprived and too restricted.
If there are multiple members in your household then your meal plan may not fit in with what the rest of the family needs leading you to resent your plan because now your time in the kitchen has increased.
Your professional life may not allow you to eat specific foods and at specific times and again, people very quickly stop following their plan because it is becoming too difficult to juggle the choices.

As we have already said, we prefer to give you strategies, as opposed to meal plans.

Strategies that will :

  • Address your mindset and help you to get over those emotional hurdles.
  • Educate you on what foods are best for your body and what lifestyle choices will enable you to reach your ideal weight.
  • Help you to sleep better and wake up feeling more energized.
  • Balance your blood sugar and stop those mid-morning and mid-afternoon energy crashes.
  • Educate you on how to make better choices more often.
  • Teach you how to create nutritious meals that fit in with personal and professional life.
  • Give you a complete understanding of what your body needs and why those choices are necessary.
  • Empower you to take control of your own health.


Have you heard the phrase “give a man a fish or teach him how to fish”?
Well my goal is to teach you how to fish, and that is why I am empowered to formulate those strategies for you so that you can eventually do this yourself, and hopefully, this will empower you to share your knowledge and new found skills with others.


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